Our Team

A team of specialists for your workshop equipment.
ATH-Heinl is a family business founded 30 years ago by Hans and Evi Heinl. Anja, Corinna and Fabian Heinl integrated the company in 2007. With 45 team members in Germany and with the culture, strength and consistency of an owner-managed company, ATH-Heinl became one of the European market leaders in workshop equipment.

Here are some of our departments:


International - Regional - Central. With our professional sales team, we support our customers quickly and easily. With strong sales concepts and innovative marketing strategies, sales partners and workshops are expertly advised.

Hubert Lumaßegger

Sales representative South-East Germany and Austria

+49 (0)160-99672391

Sebastian Buchholz

Sales representative South-West Germany and Switzerland

+49 (0)151-72701389

Sven Eilers

Sales representative North-West Germany

+49 (0)151-72315149

Ivan Milojkovic

International Account Manager

+49 (0)9666-18801-39

ATH Management

Workshop equipment is our DNA – as the Heinl family, we stand with full commitment and passion behind the ATH-Heinl brand. Together, the two generations design and run the company.

For more than 30 years, our customers have been able to rely on the innovation and reliability of ATH-Heinl as a family business.

ATH Service and Technology

With our own highly qualified technicians together with one of the best customer services in the industry, we bring our customers high level of support and advise, be it by phone or email.

ATH Spare Parts Warehouse

Fast and easy supply of spare parts is the basis for our outstanding service. With one of the largest spare parts warehouses for workshop equipment in Europe, we offer all spare parts for current and previous ATH products.

ATH Logistic

On an area of 4,800 m² we offer efficient warehousing and logistics services. With the new building, a modern and efficient warehouse was created. As a result, a very high ATH inventory is possible along with a quick readiness for delivery. In addition, various customer warehouses are managed centrally for our sales partners.


The marketing department has the task of making ATH-Heinl known worldwide as a brand. To achieve this, ATH is now represented on many different social networks and provides multilingual product contents. In addition, our marketing department also takes over the organization of trade fair, various promotional actions and our interactive catalogue and website.

Product Management

An experienced team of technicians and engineers is behind ATH-Heinl's product developments. Here, customer wishes and new market requirements are incorporated into the new and further development of the product range. Patent applications ensure the innovative power of products developed by ATH-Heinl. In state-of-the-art manufacturing, the innovative products are manufactured to the highest technical standards.